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Food and Power

Food and Power
Expressions of Food-Politics in South Asia

Edited by:
  • Kanchan Mukhopadhyay - Tagore National Fellow at Anthropological Survey of India, Ministry of Culture, Government of India

November 2020 | 444 pages | SAGE India
Food practices of a people is the product of multiple factors. Endogenous as well as exogenous factors influence people’s opinion and preferences about food. In India and its neighbouring countries, food practices are often delimited by economic standing, religion, caste and analogous systems of social ranking of the consumers. State and market forces also influence food behaviour by exercising control over production and trade.

Food and Power: Expressions of Food-Politics in South Asia studies power relations between those who eat and those who decide (or at least try to decide) what people should eat. It raises questions pertaining to the politicization of ethnographic tradition in South Asia in relation to the intersection of religion, economy and food. This book explores how traditional food practices have undergone change owing to the influences of migration globalization and popular media to understand how ethos of the powerful affects the foodways of relatively weaker ethnic, religious, occupational and gender groups

Sumit Mukherjee
Changing Economy and Culture of Food in Spiti
Ziya Us Salam
Tracing the Beef Politics of North India
Sreenathan M
Dravidian Food Culture: Discourse on Identity and Diffusion
Svetlana Ryzhakova
Food for Musicians: Gastric Ideas and Practices among North Indian Artistic Communities
Nabakumar Duary
Transaction of Food, Beverage and Ranking of Space
Ala Uddin
Man, Medicine and Foods in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh
B. Francis Kulirani
The Role of Panthibhojanam in the Navodhana Movement of Kerala
Vishvajit Pandya and Madhumita Mazumdar
Feeding the Jarawas
Urmimala Sarkar Munsi
Asserting ‘Freedom’: Building Resistance in Student Communities through Consumption Strategies
Om Gurung and Uddhav Rai
Food Culture and Power Relations in Nepali Society: A Case from Chepang Community
Chhanda Mukhopadhyay
Sustenance in the Margin: Food Ethnography of Kolkata Brothels
Shibani Roy
Hearth to Heaven: Ritualization of Food
Dharitri Narzary
Materiality of Boro Food Culture: Social and Cultural Meanings
Kanchan Mukhopadhyay
Food, Tradition and Politics among the Santals
Saradindu Biswas
Food Tradition of Chandal Community
Shiba Desor, Manish Chandi and Saw John Aung Thong
Place, Space, Identity and Transforming Cuisine among the Karen of the Andamans
Amitabha Sarkar
Small Community and Large Industries: Food and Other Resources of Dandami Maria of Bastar
Ratna Dhar
The Idea of Food: A Discourse Encompassing Two Religious Faiths
Moumita Dey
Gender Politics and Food Practices in Urban West Bengal

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