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Environmental Crime

Environmental Crime
The Criminal Justice System's Role in Protecting the Environment

  • Yingyi Situ - The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  • David Emmons - The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

October 1999 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Yingyi Situ and David Emmons in Environmental Crime address a neglected area in Criminology and Criminal Justice and do so with masterful attention to details of environmental law, law enforcement, enthralling examples and up-to-date cases. Well-written, scholarly and incisive in its commentary and stellar in organization, their work will be well received by both undergraduate and graduate students." – Frank E. Hagan, Ph.D., Chair, Graduate Program in Administration of Justice, Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice, Mercyhurst College, Pennsylvania We and our environment are at risk. Air, water, and soil pollution, hazardous waste disposal, global warming, acid rain, and reduction of the ozone layer threaten the natural environment and endanger people's health. Within the last decade, however, environmental violations have been defined as crimes and violators viewed as criminals; and criminal prosecution of the accused and criminal sanctions against the convicted have accelerated. This accessibly written book examines the criminalization of environmental wrong-doing. Designed as a textbook for environmental crime courses at the undergraduate or beginning graduate levels, it is comprehensive and logically organized. The text explores the nature, causes, investigation, prosecution, and prevention of environmental crime. Special emphasis is placed on the human, economic, social, and psychological impacts of the environmental crime by corporations, criminal organizations, the government, and individuals. Although examples throughout the book reflect not only North America but the world, a final chapter is devoted to global environmental law. The chapter also reviews promising approaches being used by other nations in fighting environmental crime.

Criminal Law and the Environment
Corporate Environmental Crime
Organized Crime against the Environment
Environmental Crime by the Government
Personal Environmental Crime
Combating Environmental Crime

Combating Environmental Crime

The Global Environmental Crisis

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