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Environmental Accounting, Sustainability and Accountability

Environmental Accounting, Sustainability and Accountability

First Edition

November 2019 | 424 pages | SAGE India

The study of the interactions between business organizations and their natural environments has gained momentum recently under the aegis of social and environmental accounting and reporting (SEAR), and as a diluted form of response in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Environmental Accounting, Sustainability and Accountability envisages accounting as an effective instrument in improving this interrelationship. It comprehensively describes how organizations can capture their environmental performance and thereby address societal concerns. The book closely explores how organizations can embed care for the environment as fundamental to their functioning.

It broadly covers traditional accounting as a measuring instrument, contemporary advances and unresolved problems, alternative perspectives and recent developments. The central idea proposed here is to evolve the environmental accounting framework and bring calculative aspects into sustainability thinking that businesses are responsible for.

Among the other important innovative ideas discussed are new costing techniques for waste management, accounting schematics of carbon trade, green information needs of management and the extension of the environmental viewpoint to information systems and technology.

Sustainability and Accounting Sciences: Two Independent Paradigms
Section I. Accounting and Accountability: Traditional Paradigm
Organizational Theories and Accountability
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Accountability
Cost and Managerial Accounting: Supporting Management beyond Numbers
Economics: Rational Argument to Ignore Environment
Section II. Environment and Accounting Theories: Contemporary Advances
Environment Considerations and Conventional Accounting Theories
Contemporary Developments in Green(ing) Accounting
Methodological Developments in Environmental Management Accounting
Advances in Other Environmental Frameworks
Section III. Environmental Accounting: Dimensional View of Accounting
Environmental Accounting: Connecting Critical and Normative Theory of Accounting
Environmental Accounting: An Independent Accounting Viewpoint
Advancements in Costing Models to Handle Externalities
Environmental Accounting: Part I
Environmental Accounting: Part II
Section IV. Accounting Sciences and Sustainability Theories: Managerial Implications and Recent Advances
Environmental Accounting and Managerial Implications I: Carbon Accounting
Environmental Accounting and Managerial Implications II: Other Advances
Environment Management Systems (EMS) and Greening Firms
Sustainability and Environment Interfaces: Recent Advances
Appendix: Mathematical Modelling of Complex Waste
Key features
• The book explores the current developments in business, sustainability concerns and the changing role of accounting in supporting businesses in dealing with complex problems. 

• It presents in detail the normative and critical theories of accounting to help readers understand the various dimensions of modern accounting and relate to the missing elements. 

• The book describes how accounting can use different frameworks, methods and techniques to interpret, quantify and record organization-environment exchanges. 

• It highlights the emerging research topics and current advances in research in this area. 

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ISBN: 9789353284640

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