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Endgame in Afghanistan

Endgame in Afghanistan
For Whom the Dice Rolls

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

November 2012 | 380 pages | SAGE India
Endgame in Afghanistan: For Whom the Dice Rolls covers a wide territory related to the war in Afghanistan, the stakes the whole world-and not just the United States-has in it, and its possible outcome. It shows that it is not merely a war for the future of Afghanistan, but a conflict between the regressive worldview of the Taliban and al Qaeda and modernity.

The book examines the consequences of an American exit from Afghanistan under circumstances indicating a defeat; the ability of the Karzai government or its successor to hold its own thereafter; and the regional and global geo-strategic consequences, including those on Pakistan, of a Taliban-al Qaeda takeover of Afghanistan. It also explores the possibility of the United States arriving at a peace settlement with the Taliban as well as that of the Americans winning the Afghan war.

Taking an analytical multi-disciplinary approach, coupled with meticulous research, this book focuses on areas hitherto neglected. Linking known but scattered information in entirely new and cohesive analyses, the author presents the kind of comprehensive picture of the Afghan war and its consequences that no other book has done.


The Spectacular Episodes Syndrome

A War for the World

Wooing the 'Good Taliban'

Poor Progress and Its Causes

Patron of Choice

The Shadow of Jihadis

As the Dice Rolls



The book, by a mix of deft analysis and incisive clarity, lays bare an Afghanistan that is troubled by its past, that grapples with present and hopes against hope for happy future.

The Pioneer

[The book] raises pertinent questions on the “war against terror” being waged in Afghanistan...Karlekar with his considerable journalistic experience and intense research ability tries to fill an important knowledge gap...the book is written with a lot of academic references, which makes it a very useful reader, particularly for students and researchers involved in area studies and conflict resolution. It is a collection of several very important historical facts and strategic compromises made in the region that would remain unread otherwise.
The Statesman

A timely addition on growing literature...collation and analysis from an Indian perspective is readable and educative....the book should be read by all, particularly Indian policymakers, as it looks at how the situation may develop once the US withdraws from the region.

Asian Age

Backed by extensive research and situation analysis.... The book touches on several aspects of the conflict, including the ideological threat the Taliban poses to European modernity and takes the reader for long ride through the history and complexities of the wars Afghanistan fought. It is rich in information that any student of strategic studies would find valuable. Endgame offers a simplified view of the strategic realities in Asia.

The Business Standard, 9 January 2013

The book examines the likely developments in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops in 2014…. A clear narration of the rise of terror groups and progress by US troops.

Freedom First, February 2014