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Electoral Dynamism of Indian Politics

Electoral Dynamism of Indian Politics
Deciphering the Enigma

October 2021 | 348 pages | SAGE India
Electoral Dynamism of Indian Politics: Deciphering the Enigma explores Indian politics through the prism of electoral landmarks. It studies the substantive contribution of elections towards the strengthening of democratic institutions and consolidation of the democratic process in the country. 

Looking at elections that left an indelible mark on the Indian political landscape and radically transformed the country’s democracy, this book studies the national elections with reference to how voters exercise their franchise. It also emphasizes that voting behaviour cannot be understood in a purely theoretical format as it is context-dependent and subject to constant change. Furthermore, it evaluates the outcomes and implications of these elections that brought certain political issues and forces to the centre-stage. In a country where the electoral process demonstrates the strength (or lack thereof) of the democratic will, it becomes crucial to understand elections, and by extension, the spirit of democracy.

Voting for a Dream
Personalizing Elections
Elections as Plebiscites
Ideological Churning
Ideological Churning
Eternity of Caste
Politics as Culture
Regional Electoral Divergences
National versus Local
Historicity of Identity Politics
Political Choice amidst Anti-incumbency
Annexure: The 2021 West Bengal State Assembly
Election—Stability versus Change

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ISBN: 9789354790652