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Disability and Care Work

Disability and Care Work
State, Society and Invisible Lives

First Edition
  • Upali Chakravarti - Assistant Professor, Department of Elementary Education, Miranda House, University of Delhi, New Delhi.

January 2019 | 236 pages | SAGE India

Disability and Care Work: State, Society and Invisible Lives explores the lived reality of children with disabilities and those involved in parenting and caring for them. It discusses the extent to which the needs of the disabled and their caregivers have been met by health and welfare initiatives, and finds substantial gaps. The book describes vividly how the families of children with disability negotiate the uncertain journey of identifying their child’s disability, obtaining a diagnosis, accessing appropriate services and their ongoing efforts to reconcile with and recognise their child’s unique situation and mode of being. It critically examines the gendered dimensions involved in caregiving, the role of the state and civil society, and the legal and institutional frameworks in place. The book calls for inclusion of disability treatment at the primary care level, enhanced technology use for diagnosis and information, coordinated national level disability care policy formulation and organised action by the disabled and their caregivers to ensure their needs are addressed by the state and society.

Framing Disability
Making Sense of the Narratives-I: Experiencing Disability—Inter Class Dimensions
Making Sense of the Narratives-II: Living with Disability
Making Sense of the Narratives-III: Invisible Work, Invisible Women—Caring for the Disabled
State, Society and Disability in India
The Welfare State as Paternalistic Caregiver
Conclusion: The Moral and Political Economy of Disability and Suffering

“A valuable read for the society which needs to be sensitized.”

The Statesman
Key features

· This book explores the experiential aspects of disability, and of lifelong caregiving, for the disabled as well as caregivers.

· It covers the political, policy and social aspects of disability.

· Focuses on the life experiences of persons with disability and of their families.

· Explores the experiences of disability within families, the institutional, cultural and social responses to disability, and the need for appropriate care to the disabled.

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