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Corporate Governance in India

Corporate Governance in India

First Edition
  • Jayati Sarkar - Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai, India
  • Subrata Sarkar - Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai, India

February 2012 | 600 pages | SAGE India

Corporate Governance in India is an authoritative discourse on the current state of corporate governance in India. Beginning with an analysis of its evolution, the author discusses the effectiveness and applicability of corporate governance mechanisms in the context of the institutional structure within which Indian companies operate.

In this volume, the author takes the readers through an in-depth coverage of six important corporate governance mechanisms:

  1. Ownership structure
  2. Board of directors
  3. Executive compensation
  4. Auditor and the audit committee
  5. Market for corporate control
  6. Disclosure and enforcement

Years of extensive research combined with contemporary data collected from various corporate governance reports from across India makes this volume a priceless ready reckoner. Along with a convenient logical structure, the book provides a comprehensive coverage of the governance mechanisms of Indian corporations, especially in light of the international research in the area.

Foreword Stijn Claessens
Overview of Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Framework in India

Agency Problems in Indian Corporations

The Role of Large Shareholders

The Board of Directors

Executive Compensation

Auditor and Audit Committee

Market for Corporate Control

Disclosures and Enforcement

Units and Currency Conversions

The book by Jayati and Subrata Sarkar on governance norms and practices in the Indian context provides insights on some of the unique factors that distinguish the corporate norms of governance in the country…. The book’s contribution in highlighting this critical area and the need for strengthening the implementation phase is commendable A detailed bibliography alongside a section on legalese helps provide clarity to the readers on the finer aspects dealing with ownership disclosures, controls and holding patterns of corporate houses. The book should appeal to those who besides interested in learning about the evolution and development of governance practices in the country desire to know the nuances that constitute the area of corporate governance in the Indian context.

Global Business Review

Corporate Governance in India is a very useful resource for researchers and schol­ars who work in this field…‘a ready reckoner’ on Indian corporate Governance… This book is a result of scrupulous and timely research on corporate governance in India….The book is a pure delight for researchers and policy makers. One notable aspect of the book is that it compares Indian governance with the developed countries’ governance systems which makes the study com­prehensive.

The Journal of Entrepreneurship

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