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Consciousness Quest

Consciousness Quest
Where East Meets West

First Edition
  • J. P. Das - Director Emeritus, JP Das Centre on Developmental & Learning Disabilities, University of Alberta, Canada

September 2015 | 328 pages | SAGE India
Consciousness is an active area of both philosophical debates and scientific research. Consciousness Quest, rather than covering the broad spectrum of consciousness spread over multiple scientific disciplines, refocuses the quest for consciousness on a specific area where Eastern contemplative traditions, mostly in Hindu and Buddhist theories of mind, meet Western empirical research. This book is an introduction to current scientific thinking and research on consciousness and at the same time acquaints readers with the spectrum of classical and modern philosophical notions on consciousness.

Foreword K Ramakrishna Rao
Preface and Acknowledgments
Concept of Consciousness and Indian Theories of Mind
Cognition, Neuropsychology, and Consciousness
Experience of Consciousness: Eastern Phenomenology
Explanations from Neuroscience
Consciousness and Meditation: At the Intersection of Eastern Traditions and Neuroscience
Foundations of Mindfulness
Interpretations of Mindfulness
A Comparison of Two Cognitive Processing Models: The Abhidhamma and PASS
Contemporary Western Research: From Julian Jaynes to Eckhart Tolle
Talking about Consciousness, Self-knowledge, Access, and Sentience
Materialism and Behaviorism in Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology
Material Basis of Consciousness
Origin and Uses of Consciousness: In the Beginning Is Its End
Hard Problems: Legacy of Ancient Times

A remarkable and fascinating book, explores the entire spectrum of classical and modern philosophical notions and debates the role of scientific research in understanding consciousness...a unique repository of knowledge on one of the most sought after yet the most elusive subject. Both the future and present generation of thinkers will find here a mine of authentic information, knowledge and wisdom...research scholars and students of philosophy, psychology and human behaviour will find the book extremely useful.

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