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Comparative Public Administration

Comparative Public Administration

  • Anupama P. Mahajan - Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.
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January 2022 | 320 pages | SAGE Texts
This textbook offers a lucid and comprehensive understanding of comparative public administration since its inception.

This textbook explores the evolution of comparative public administration and the approaches of F. W. Riggs, Ferrel Heady and John D. Montgomery to understand the major administrative systems around the world. It examines the extent to which the various forms of polities, regimes and public opinion can influence bureaucracies in multiple countries and analyses the role of public administration systems in their democratic frameworks.

Comparative Public Administration, written as per the prescribed curriculum of major Indian universities, will serve as a valuable companion to undergraduate and postgraduate students of public administration and UGC-NET and civil services aspirants.

Key Features:

•             Provides a holistic understanding of the various concepts of comparative public administration

•             Critically explores the major administrative systems of India, UK, USA, France and Japan

•             Well-organized sections for easy comprehension of the concepts and theories

Comparative Public Administration
International Comparative Public Administration
Approaches to the Study of Comparative Public Administration
Theories and Models of Comparative Public Administration—Contributions of Fred Riggs, John D. Montgomery and Ferrel Heady
Political Systems of U.K., U.S., France, Japan and India
Administrative Systems
Judiciary Systems
Citizen and Administration
Rediscovery of Comparative Public Administration


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ISBN: 9789354792298