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Character Strength Development

Character Strength Development
Perspectives from Positive Psychology

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Aneesh Kumar P. - CHRIST (Deemed to be University), India
  • Tony Sam George - Associate Professor of Psychology and Head, Department of Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru.
  • Sudhesh N.T. - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru.

January 2019 | 432 pages | SAGE India

Character strengths are the foundations of life-long development and thriving. These strengths help individuals to deal with everyday challenges and move forward in life with confidence and resilience.

Character Strength Development: Perspectives from Positive Psychology aims to document research and evidence-based practices in positive psychology with specific focus on character strengths. The arguments and perspectives shared by the experts in their respective chapters will help create new research avenues. It is an excellent resource for researchers, academicians, practitioners and teachers to develop a comprehensive understanding of different approaches, models and best practices for character education across the globe. Practitioners, educators and policymakers in the field of character education will also find this book immensely helpful for incorporating character strength-based approaches in their practice.

Marco Weber
Character Strengths in the Context of Positive Schooling
Jessica Bertolani and John C. Carey
Eccomi Pronto: Developing Curricula to Promote Character Strength Development in Primary School Students Through Storytelling
Sarah Weissmeyer and Mark D. Holder
Developing and Assessing Strategies to Foster Children’s Character Strengths and Well-being
Nick Holton
Considering Character Strength Development as an Approach to Addressing Disengagement in Secondary Schools
Zohra Ihsan and Adrian Furnham
The Measurement of Character Strengths and Virtues
Lui Ka Ki David
People’s Theatre on Character Strengths Development with Youth
Jennifer M. Foster
Resiliency, Positive Coping and Posttraumatic Growth in Survivors of Child Abuse and Neglect
Santhosh Kareepadath Rajan and Ruopfuvinuo Pienyu
If the Character Is Lost....! Strength and Value-based Solutions to Maintain the Character of the Victimized
Vaishali V. Raval and Jennifer H. Green
Children’s Developing Emotional Competence in a Global Context
Salome Divya Vijaykumar, Ranjitha Kumar, Avneet Kaur, Vibha Bhat, Ritu Verma and Anirudh Kedia
Self-compassion as a Foundation for the Development of Character Strengths in Young Adults
Bhagyalakshmi K. C. and Raseela K. N.
Nurturing Character Strength in Children: Agents of Socialization to Promote Well-being
Vijayalaya Srinivas T., Vijaya R., Lijo Thomas and Hitankshi M. Trivedi
Scope for Character Strength Development in Organizations
Bishakha Majumdar and Sibnath Deb
Heroes Begin Early: Parenting and the Development of Character Strengths
Vincent Wan-ping Lee, Henry Wai-hang Ling and Johnson Chun-sing Cheung
The Popularization of Technology and Family: The Impacts of Family Atmosphere, Parent–Child Conflicts and Parenting Approaches on Adolescents’ Digital Character
S. S. Nathawat and Tanya Tripathi
Positivism in Relation to Signature Strengths in Educated Working Women and Housewives
Padmakumari P. and Dolly Jose
Character Strength Development: Does Family Matter?
Rayees Mohammad Bhat and Shoma Chakrawarty
Psychological Trauma and Posttraumatic Growth: A Brief Introduction
Beatrice W. E. Churu and Sahaya G. Selvam
Young Adults’ Awareness and Commitment to Use of Own Character Strengths: An Examination Among University Students in Nairobi.
Jessline Williams and Aneesh Kumar P.
From Deficit to a Strength Model: Character Strength Interventions for Children with Disabilities
Sophie Leontopoulou
Character Strengths and Virtues: Manifestation and Links with Positive Youth Development in Greece
Key features

·         This book presents research and evidence based practices using character strengths such as good judgment, wisdom, bravery and persistence.

·         Presents different perspectives and approaches on character strength, adding on to the existing knowledge.

·         Provides excellent theoretical, practical models and best practices for researchers and practitioners.

·         All Chapters are contributed by experts in the field across the globe.

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