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Technology, Innovations and Economic Development

Technology, Innovations and Economic Development
Essays in Honour of Robert E. Evenson

First Edition
Edited by:

July 2015 | 376 pages | SAGE India

Provides a fresh perspective to the ongoing debate on the core themes of development economics.

This book, in honour of Robert E. Evenson, brings together diverse, yet interrelated, areas of innovations such as agricultural development, technology and industry while assessing their combined roles in developing an economy. Thematically structured, it covers innovation and economic development; technological progress and agricultural development; and technology transfer, national innovation systems and industrial development.

With essays addressing the significant aspects in development economics, it offers a unique contribution in terms of focusing on problems from the perspective of developing economies.

Daniel K.N. Johnson
Legacy—Robert E. Evenson
Lakhwinder Singh, K. J. Joseph and Daniel K N Johnson
Technology, Innovations and Economic Development: An Introduction
Leonardo A. Lanzona, Jr
Education Reforms, Technological Change and Economic Development
Daniel K. N. Johnson and Kristina M Lybecker
Eco-innovation: A Literature Review of the Challenges Facing the Development of Green Technologies
M. A. Oommen
Social Inclusion and Institutional Innovations: Working towards a Policy-theoretical Framework
Wallace E. Huffman
Measuring Public Agricultural Research Capital and Its Impact on State Agricultural Productivity in the United States
Sanjaya DeSilva
Access to Markets and Farm Efficiency: A Study of Bicol Rice Farms over Two Decades
K. J. Joseph and Vinoj Abraham
Global Innovation Networks and Industry–University Interaction: A Study of India’s ICT Sector
Binay Kumar Pattnaik
Globalization of Industrial R&D in Developing Countries: A Sociological Perspective
Lakhwinder Singh and Baldev Singh Shergill
Technological Capability, Employment Growth and Industrial Development: A Quantitative Anatomy of Indian Scenario
Dinesh Abrol
Intellectual Property Protection, Innovation and Medicines: Lessons from the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
About the Editors and Contributors

[The book] is well crafted in terms of the flow of concepts….there are lots of interesting substantiated insights on the topics underlined and this is a genuine read for any scholar or practitioner, and particularly for policymakers who appreciate stronger innova­tion system as the pillar for the sustained growth of a developing economy.

Foreign Trade Review,
Volume 51 (Issue 3), August 2016

The areas that the book covers could not have been more refined or subtle. This is precisely the core strength and the main attraction of the book…the book, nevertheless, has a strong quantitative focus spanning data, empirics and cases…this should not only guide future researchers in their choice of hypothesis, param­eters and variables but would also offer serious insights and interpretations…the analysis and evidence presented in this volume would be important and informative to the development and public policy community in this regard.

South Asia Economic Journal,
Volume 17 (Issue 2), September 2016

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