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India-China Borderlands

India-China Borderlands
Conversations beyond the Centre

First Edition
  • Nimmi Kurian - Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, India, India China Institute, The New School, New York

September 2015 | 196 pages | SAGE India

Despite the compelling immediacy of a 4,056 km long border, it is intriguing that when we think of India and China, we typically think of Delhi and Beijing and not locations along the shared border. The book will engage with this interesting puzzle through a critical comparative analysis of India–China relations at the subregional level. It will locate the massive state-led developmental thrust that India’s Northeast and China’s western border regions are witnessing under the rubric of the Look East policy and the Western Development Strategy respectively. 

As India and China reimagine their borders as bridges, what role will border regions play in the evolving foreign policy orientation? The book offers a new orientation to the study of India–China relations by bringing people back into the centre of these subregional conversations of change.

The book will be of primary interest to those working on international relations, border studies, comparative regionalism and India–China relations.


List of Maps
List of Abbreviations
Fences and Frames: Narrativising the Borderlands
B/Ordering Spaces: Governing Multi-ethnic Borderlands
Barriers to Bridges: Geoeconomic Text, Geopolitical Subtext
Competing or Compatible? Interrogating India-China Subregional Visions
Fugitive Frames: Rewriting Research Peripheries

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