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India’s Look East Policy and the Northeast

India’s Look East Policy and the Northeast

First Edition

November 2015 | 212 pages | SAGE India

India’s Look East policy was launched in 1991 by the then Narasimha Rao government to renew political contacts, increase economic integration and forge security cooperation with several countries of Southeast Asia as a means to strengthen political understanding. The book, while providing a historical background of political integration and its fallout in Northeast India since independence, examines the continuity and change of India’s policy towards its northeastern region and the economic potentials of this policy. 

Regional Integration and India
Evolution of India’s Look East Policy
Economic Potentials of the Look East Policy
Political Integration in Northeast India
Economic Development in Northeast India
India’s Northeast Policy
Political Impact of the Look East Policy

Haokip’s book traverses the economic and political past of Northeast India and throws light on the roots of various problems of the region.

Social Change,
Volume 46 (Issue 2), June 2016