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A Governors’ Raj

A Governors’ Raj
British Administration during Lord Irwin’s Viceroyalty, 1926–1931

First Edition
  • Michael Fenwick Macnamara - Independent Scholar, Honorary Associate, School of Humanities, University of New England, Australia

September 2015 | 278 pages | SAGE India

This book explores the nature and impact of the governor’s role in developing government policy, and the consequent effect in British India. Analysing the governors’ approaches towards and influence on Indian nationalism and other matters, it examines Lord Irwin’s era due to its importance in India’s constitutional development.

The book explores the governors’ contributions to British policy responses towards: the Montford Reforms and dyarchy; the Simon Commission; the Dominion Status Declaration; the First Round Table Conference; communal tensions; the detenu issue; communism, terrorism, Bardoli; Gandhi, civil disobedience and insurgency. It is introduced by an exposition of their constitutional, legal and personal standing in India.


The Governors: Their Constitutional, Legal and Personal Standing
The Montford Reforms and Dyarchy
The Governors’ Contribution to the Simon Commission
The Dominion Status Declaration and First Round Table Conference
Communal Tensions and the Detenu Issue
Communism, Terrorism and Countermeasures
The Challenge of Bardoli and Lessons Learnt
The Direct Challenge of Congress, Gandhi and the Civil Disobedience Movement
Appendix 1: Instrument of Instructions Issued to Governors
Appendix 2: Preamble to: The Consolidated Government of India Act, 1919
Appendix 3: The Governors of British India and Secretaries of State During Lord Irwin’s Viceroyalty: 3 April 1926–18 April 1931
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Macnamara, an Australian seeks to fill up a yawning gap with his focus on the viceroyalty of Lord Irwin…. The author has a clear perspective and takes up all the relevant issues backed up by the right kind of primary source materials…. On the whole, it is a scholarly work and offers much interesting information on the little-known subject.

Indian Historical Review,
Vol 43 (Issue 1), June 2016

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