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Sport, Culture and Nation

Sport, Culture and Nation
Perspectives from Indian Football and South Asian Cricket

First Edition

November 2015 | 244 pages | SAGE India
An in-depth analysis of the intricate relationships among sport, culture, politics, identity and regional cooperation in South Asia

In South Asia, sport has long been a site—albeit ignored by social scientists—which articulates the complexities and diversities of the everyday life of the nations. This book highlights the importance of sport in colonial and postcolonial times in India and South Asia as an essential cultural experience, a political tool, a social instrument and a commercial force. It reveals how sport has become politically, socially, culturally and emotionally significant, particularly, football in India and cricket in South Asia.

Sport, Culture and Nation would be useful to historians, political scientists, sociologists and to scholars of South Asian studies as well as culture and leisure studies.

The Nation and Its Fragments’: Football and Community in India
Uncovering the Sleeping Giant Syndrome: India in Olympic Football
Towards a Professional Identity: Soccer as a Career Option in Contemporary Manipur
Cricket, Politics and Diplomacy: A Study of India’s Friendship Tour of Pakistan, 2004
Cricketing Politics or Political Cricket: Politics, Power and Cricket Board Elections in India, 2004–2006
Asserting National Identity: The Decolonization of Bangladeshi Cricket
Cricket under Siege: Terrorism, Security and the Future of Cricket in Pakistan
Sport, Culture and Nation: Field Notes from Colombo and Kabul

The volume under review looks at the implications of political appropriation of sports for state policy and behavior.

The Book Review, October 2016