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Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity

Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Nita Mathur - Professor of Sociology, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Cultural Studies

March 2014 | 440 pages | SAGE India
This book offers analysis of articulation of consumer culture and modernity in everyday lives of people in a transnational framework. It pursues three broad themes: lifestyle choices and construction of modern identities; fashion and advertising; and subaltern concerns and moral subjectivities. It juxtaposes empirical studies with theoretical traditions in addressing questions such as: How do people imagine modernity and identity in consumer culture? What does modernity or ‘being modern’ mean to people in different societies? Are modernity and tradition antithetical to or develop an interface with each other? The chapters in the book trace manifestations and trajectories of consumer culture and modernity as they connect to develop a sense of renewed identity.
Mike Featherstone
The Rich and the Super-Rich: Mobility, Consumption and Luxury Lifestyles
Sanjay Srivastava
Shop Talk: Shopping Malls and Their Publics
Shelly Pandey
Consumer Agency of Urban Women in India
Nita Mathur
Modernity, Consumer Culture and Construction of Urban Youth Identity in India: A Disembedding Perspective
Robert Rattle
Imagining Identity in the Age of Internet and Communication Technologies
Steve Derné, Meenu Sharma and Narendra Sethi
Structural Changes Rather than the Influence of Media: People's Encounter with Economic Liberalization in India
Douglas Kellner
Fashion, Advertising and Identity in the Consumer Society
William Mazzarella
Cultural Politics of Branding: Promoting ‘KamaSutra’ in India
Olga Gurova
Shopping for Fashions in Post-socialist Russia
Marketa Rulikova
Sales Tours or How Czech Seniors Learned to Love Capitalism
Roberta Sassatelli
Politics of Consumption, Politics of Justice: The Political Investment of the Consumer
Nicki Lisa Cole
Ethical Consumption in the Global Age: Coffee’s Promise of a Better World
Melike Aktas Yamanoglu
Consumer Culture and Turkish Poor Youth’s Identity: Issues of Vulnerability and Exclusion

A useful addition to the shelf of both the preacher and practitioner of marketing management...written by scholars are experientially familiar with, and hence, authentic in the subject.... The variety of themes on consumer culture as the common and central issue brings ample credit to the editor’s sourcing skills. 

The Hindu

Much has already been published about the limits of overconsumption in the Third World countries, but this new book edited by Nita Mathur goes beyond a simple judgment easily made by Western citizens who are commenting about poorer people living in emerging economies. On the contrary, here we have scholars from the inside and from the outside who nonetheless agree to see this complex problem as a global issue created and actually fueled by some normative views conceived and circulated from wealthy nations to global markets. As a direct consequence, there are now cases of excessive richness and luxury lifestyles in poor countries where such attitudes only underline the immense contrasts and unfairness of such situations. In sum, this Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity reaffirm the model of consumer society not only created to serve as an apparently enviable lifestyle but also as a subtle normative practice which is now going global.                           

Yves Laberge, Centre de recherche en éducation
Electronic Green Journal

A timely and much needed contribution to the literature by manifesting the increasing role of consumption in articulating modernity and identity in contemporary social life…. It is a must read for scholars and students interested in the critical exploration of contemporary consumer culture.

Contribution to Indian Sociology,
Volume 50(Issue 1), February 2017

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