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‘Ad’apting to Markets

‘Ad’apting to Markets
Repackaging Commercials in Indian Languages

First Edition


November 2015 | 228 pages | SAGE India

This book looks at what goes into localization of advertisements in Indian languages.

‘Ad’apting to Markets discusses the process of localization of advertisements (ads) in different Indian languages and its socio-cultural implications. While doing so, it provides insights into the ideologies and cultural values of contemporary societies as they have a powerful influence not only on consumers’ product choices but also on their motivations and lifestyles. The book brings out the manner in which the local market is approached in regional languages to woo consumers and increase sales, the various ways in which localization is achieved, and the visual as well as linguistic ‘translation’ that ‘localized’ ads involve. 

The World of Advertising
The Illusion Industry: Advertising on Television
Making Sense of Advertisements: Reading Ads Theoretically
Localization: Issues in Cultural Transmission
‘Culturalizing’ Advertisements: Relocating the Ad Message
The Visual-linguistic ‘Relay’: Interpreting Advertisement Signs
The New Media: A Study of the Mobile Online Advertising
The Social Media: Localization and Global Communication
‘Ad’apting to Markets: Means to the Consumer’s Heart and Purse