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Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Therapy
Techniques, Research and Applications

First Edition
  • S P K Jena - Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Delhi

January 2008 | 284 pages | SAGE India
This book is based on the application of principles of learning to change human behavior. In the last two decades it has grown into a promising scientific discipline. This development is exemplified by extensive research and applications. The present book provides a unifying account of its contemporary developments, linking underlying theories with practice.

This book is divided into three sections. In the first section, basic assumptions of behavior therapy are examined and emerging trends such as radical behaviorism, cognitive behaviorism and systematic eclectism are dealt with in a systematic manner. In the second section, the techniques of behavior therapy, their theoretical bases and applications have been illustrated with the help of empirical studies. The concluding section focuses on the contemporary issues of research and practice of behavior therapy.

PART ONE: Foundations, Developmental Issues and Assessment: The Philosophical and Historical Foundations
Conceptual Issues
Psychobiological Basis of Behaviour Therapy
Developmental Perspective
Behavioural Assessment and Diagnosis
PART TWO: Techniques of Behaviour Therapy: Reinforcing Desirable Responding
Developing New Behaviour
Modelling and Observational Learning
Aversive Procedures
Non-aversive Procedures
Exposure Procedures
Relaxation and Systematic Desensitisation
Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique
Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing: EMDR
Covert Conditioning Procedures
Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy
PART THREE: Research and Practise: Research Designs
The Evidence-based Approach
Ethical Issues in Behaviour Therapy

The book presents a comprehensive review of the subject. It provides practical as well as theoretical guidance to behaviour therapy. I would recommend it to professionals who practice behavioural interventions and seek to broaden their knowledge.

The National Medical Journal of India

It is refreshing that behaviour therapy gets a new release and a new presentation in this book which attempts to remove some of the stereotypes and presents a more balanced and scholarly view of not only ‘traditional’ behaviour therapy but also of the changes and innovations in an admittedly beneficial therapeutic procedure... A description of basic principles and techniques is followed by examples illustrative of their clinical application. Studies are presented in sufficient detail and demonstrate the process as well as the clinical usage of these procedures…. Overall, the book has been well-presented and rigorously referenced.

Psychology and Developing Societies

This book focuses on the contemporary issues of research and practice of behaviour therapy.

Times of India