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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Characteristics, Causes and Practical Issues

Third Edition

May 2022 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What are the historical foundations of autism and what precisely is meant by the 'autistic spectrum'? How can we explain behavioural patterns of people with autism, young or old, and what are the major theoretical bases for understanding these? What is the latest thinking regarding diagnosis, and what are the most effective strategies for assessment, education and care for people on the autistic spectrum?

From historical information to methods of assessment, and from intervention to education and support, this informative and accessible text explores theories at the psychological, neurobiological and 'first cause' levels. This fully up to date Third Edition answers these questions with a strong practical focus, encompassing the latest research on autistic spectrum disorders. New features include:

  • Further reading suggestions
  • Glossary of technical terms
  • Updated information on autism support services
  • Personal illustrative examples

Jill Boucher is a retired academic psychologist. Her most recent post was Professor of Developmental Psychology at City, University of London.

Part I: What is Autism?
Chapter 1: Historical Background
Chapter 2: Current Concept and Definition
Chapter 3: The Fuller Picture: Shared Characteristics
Chapter 4: The Fuller Picture: Sources of Diversity
Chapter 5: Facts and Figures: Epidemiology and Lifespan Development
Part II: What Causes Autism?
Chapter 6: A Framework for Explaining Autism
Chapter 7: Root Causes
Chapter 8: Brain Bases
Chapter 9: Proximal Causes 1: Diagnostic Behaviours
Chapter 10: Proximal Causes 2: Additional Shared Characteristics and Major Specifiers
Part III: Practical Issues
Chapter 11: Assessment, Diagnosis and Screening
Chapter 12: Intervention
Chapter 13: Care

The book has been added to our Learner Experience module, where PGCE trainees consider to individual needs and challenges learners face in the classroom.

Miss Chloe Hindmarsh
Division of Education and Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University
November 22, 2022

Builds on previous edition

Dr Erwin Neumark
Psychology Dept, Concordia University
September 21, 2022

Detailed and compassionate. An excellent companion reosurce for those training to teach in SEN provision.

Dr Clare Winder
School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
May 18, 2022

A really well structured and evidence based text. The use of examples and case studies in boxes adds to interest and accessibility.

Mrs Sian Templeton
Department of Education, Gloucestershire University
March 22, 2022

This is a really helpful book which encompasses a lot of the key topics covered in the module.

Mrs Claire Carkin
Healthcare, Nursing & Social Work, City College Norwich
March 31, 2022
Key features
  • Provides readers with essential information about autism, as well as the latest thinking on diagnosis
  • Features case studies, poems, and examples from children with autism
  • Follows the DSMV criteria for autism

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