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Peter Kennard

Peter has considerable experience in the training, coaching and assessing of police officers both in the classroom environment and in the workplace. As a nationally qualified assessor, he has vast experience assessing officers in role-play scenarios both in development and training and during examinations. He is also an assessor for candidates for promotion during their work placed assessment period. As a Training Manager, Peter was instrumental in the role out of the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP). During the pilot stage of the programme he took the lead in all areas of officer development including the introduction of role-plays which were specifically designed to involve the community at all stages of learning. /par1//par1/Peter’s current role is within a large law enforcement agency, which entails the design and delivery of presentations and lectures to police officers and staff on matters of discipline and standards in the work place. Peter is a Director of The Interview Success Company which focuses on coaching individuals to succeed in the police assessment process.