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Michael Murray University of Keele, UK

MICHAEL MURRAY is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Keele University, UK, where he was Head of the School of Psychology. Previously, he was Professor of Social and Health Psychology at Memorial University, Canada, and held positions at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, London, UK and at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. He has published over 200 books, chapters, journal articles and reports on various issues in social and health psychology. His previous books include Smoking Among Young Adults (1988, with L. Jarrett, A.V. Swan and R. Rumen), Qualitative Health Psychology: Theories and Methods (1999, with K. Chamberlain) and Critical Health Psychology (2004, 2015). He also edited with Kerry Chamberlain the collection New Directions in Health Psychology (Vols. 1-5) (2015) and with Liz Peel and Carol Holland Psychologies of Ageing: Theory, Research and Practice (2018). Michael has been Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Psychology and of Psychology and Health and an editorial board member of Health Psychology Open, Health Psychology Review, Psychology, Health and Medicine and Arts and Health. He was Chair of the Health Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association for which he edited Canadian Health Psychologist/Psychologue Canadien de la Santé and a founding member of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Canadian Psychological Association and the Academy of Social Sciences. In 2017 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  His current research interests include the use of participatory and arts-based methods to promote social engagement among older people.