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K. M. Phadke Fellow and Supervisor, Albert Ellis Institute, New York

K.M. Phadke is an Indian psychologist, practitioner and trainer in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, with 45 years of rich experience in the fields of psychological education, research, training and consultation. He enjoys the unique distinction of being the first and only Indian psychologist to have earned the status of fellow and supervisor of the Albert Ellis Institute (AEI), New York, USA. Mr Phadke had extensive professional correspondence with Albert Ellis, which lasted for 36 years. This correspondence is considered one of the finest resources for REBT learners and is preserved in four volumes in the Archives of Columbia University. Mr Phadke has made original contributions to the theory and practice of REBT and was praised by Dr Ellis for his dedication and mastery over the subject. He has conducted scores of lectures and workshops at various business, industrial, educational, research, training and social organizations throughout India and has authored several books on REBT.