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James Fletcher

Dr James Rupert Fletcher is a Teaching Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine at King's College London. His major research interests are in the sociologies of ageing and dementia, spanning questions of ageism, anti-ageing industries, age-related politics, representations of ethnicity, family care, mental capacity legislation, cognition, mental health, disability and political economies of neuropsychiatric research. His PhD research investigated the interpersonal dynamics of families affected by dementia in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. He lectures on gerontological theory and geriatric syndromes, global ageing and research methods. From September 2021, James will be a Wellcome Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of Manchester. His forthcoming research will explore relationships between public transport infrastructures and cognitive impairment in older people, with the aim of informing novel environmental public health approaches to supporting cognitive functioning in later life.