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Ajaya Dixit Nepal Water Conservation Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal

Ajaya Dixit is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nepal Water for Health, a Nepali NGO that has built water supply schemes serving over 700,000 people in Nepal in partnership with community groups. He is also Founder of Nepal Water Conservation Foundation and Editor of Water Nepal, a journal addressing interdisciplinary water and development issues. He has taught hydraulics and water resources engineering at Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Engineering until 1989. He has also worked extensively as an analyst on water resources and environment issues in Nepal and South Asia. He has been a member of government of Nepal’s Water and Energy Commission from 1993 to 1997.

Dr Dixit has written extensively on water and environment and developmental issues. He is engaged with actors in development agencies and village-based Water Users Groups, and in making constructive linking of water engineering and social issues. His current research is the study of adaptive approaches to floods and droughts in South Asia and the study of the impact of Global Environmental Change on food systems.