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Asian Families and Intimacies

Asian Families and Intimacies

First Edition
Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • OCHIAI Emiko - Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Patricia UBEROI - Honorary Fellow and Chairperson, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi, India

September 2022 | 1 264 pages | SAGE India
Asian Families and Intimacies comprises important and influential writings that form the academic and intellectual heritage of societies across Asia. In Asian societies, a special cultural and social value is attributed to ‘the family’, and there is deep public concern throughout the region with ongoing changes in the family and in intimate relations. However, a closer look reveals considerable diversity in Asian families and intimate relations, and in their different trajectories of change.

In these volumes, various facets of intimate relations and the interaction between the private and the public spheres assume special importance. The articles reflect on aspects of intimacy in historical and contemporary times, ideals and realities, and differences in family practices between different social strata. The writings discuss the varying and intersecting processes of ‘Sinicization’, ‘Sanskritization’, ‘Islamization’, ‘Modernization’ and ‘Globalization’ across the Asian region.

Most of the articles in the volumes have been newly translated from various Asian languages, though there are some texts that were originally written in English. Contemporary texts that represent new and emerging areas of scholarship on family relations as well as texts considered ‘canonical’ in their context of production have been included. In each part, the editors have introduced and analysed the themes taken up in the papers, and their wider intellectual and social contour.

Appendix of Sources
Editors’ Introduction: Asian Families and Intimacies
PART I Family Ideology
Conceptualising Brahmanical Patriarchy in Early India: Gender, Caste, Class and State
DO Thai Dong
The Transformation of the Traditional Family in the South of Vietnam
The Origin of the ‘Surname’ and the Role of King Rama VI as the Ruling Monarch
WANG Shuobai and CHEN Yixin
From Kinship to Citizenship: A Study of Rural Lineages in Anhui under the People’s Republic
The Familistic Structure of Japanese Society
KIM Hye Kyung
Discursive Competition over the “Nuclear Family” in the Period of the “Park Chung-Hee Regime” in Korea during the 1960s and 1970s
State Ibuism: Appropriating and Distorting Womanhood in New Order Indonesia
YI Chin-Chun and LU Yu-Hsia
Who Are My Family Members? Lineage and Marital Status in the Taiwanese Family
LI Yinhe and CHEN Junjie
Individual-centered Standards, Family-centered Standards and Reproduction Ideology
PART II Patriarchy
EUN Ki-Soo
KANG Myeong-Kwan
The Birth of Virtuous Women
TRAN Dinh Huou
Traditional Families in Vietnam and the Influence of Confucianism
EUN Ki-Soo
Diversity of Family Succession and “Lineage Strategy”
LUAN Chengxian
Passing the Family Property to an Outsider: Cases in Huizhou during the Ming and Qing Dynasties
The Variety of Forms of Marriage: The Family Life of Aristocrats and Commoners in the Heian Period
Part II Patriarchy (Contd.)
Ancestral Worship and Women: The Establishment of the One Household One Temple System
King Rama VI
Comparing Nam Sakun (Family Names) and Sae (Clan Names)
Veena DAS
Masks and Faces: An Essay on Punjabi Kinship
MA Guoqing
Inheritance and Cooperation in Household Division: A Study of the Household Division System in China
NGUYEN Huu Minh and Charles HIRSCHMAN
Patrilocal Co-Residence after Marriage in the Red River Delta and Its Determinants
PART III Sexuality
Patricia UBEROI
Kumkum ROY
Unravelling the Kamasutra
UJIIE Mikito
The Way of the Samurai and Eros
JUNG Ji Young
Concubines and Family Order in the Late Joseon Period: Patriarchy and Hierarchy of Women
The Folklore of ‘Night Calling’
Veena Talwar OLDENBURG
Lifestyle as Resistance: The Case of the Courtesans of Lucknow, India
Extra-Marital Sex as ‘Explosive’: From the History of ‘Masturbation’ to ‘Sexology
XU Anqi
Latest Report on the Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour of Unmarried Youth in China
The Male Pin-up, GRO and Macho Dancer: The Presentation of Masculinity in the Age of Globalization
R.R. Sri Agustine
The Silent Secret: The Lesbian Movement in Indonesia
Pratiksha BAXI
Rape, Retribution, State: On Whose Bodies?
PART IV Marriage
What Has Happened to the Thai Family?
YAMADA Masahiro
After “Parasite Singles”: The Real Story Behind Japan's Marriage Crisis
Determinants of Age at First Marriage in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Ravinder KAUR
Across-Region Marriages: Poverty, Female Migration and the Sex Ratio
LE Bach Duong, TRUONG Thanh- Dam and KHUAT Thu Hon
Transnational Marriages in East and Southeast Asia: Connecting Issues of Social Reproduction in Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea
XU Anqi
Mate Selection: Analysis of Changes and Causes during the Past Five Decades
JI Guoxiu
The Vicissitudes of Marriage Payments and the Equilibrium of Power in Affinal Relationships: A Case Study of Q Town in Liaoning Province
Patricia UBEROI
Aspirational Weddings: The Bridal Magazine and the Canons of ‘Decent Marriage’
PART V Care Regime
Birth and Childcare in Early Modern Japan
Myth and Reality of Asian Traditional Families: Living Arrangement of the Elderly in Tokugawa Japan
Sylvia VATUK
“To Be a Burden on Others”: Dependency Anxiety among the Elderly in India
KIM Hye-Kyung and NAMGOONG Myoung-Hee
Elderly Care by Sons’ Families: Personal Narratives of Men, their Wives and their Parents
The “Tagasalo” or “Mananalo” Syndrome
PART V Care Regime (Contd.)
Growing Up Apart from Parents: Children of Migrants through the Eyes of their Grandparents
MAKINO Katsuko
“Childcare Anxiety” and the Lifestyles of Mothers with Young Children
BUI The Cuong
Three Basic Material Resources of the Elderly in the Red River Delta
Aida Milasari
Important but Ignored: A Portrait of Domestic Workers in Indonesia
XU Zhening
Chinese Family Policies on Early Childhood Development (1980–2008): From “Family Responsibility” to “Supporting family”?
PART VI Gender
Carolyn Israel SOBRITCHEA
TAKAGI Tadashi
Was the Edo Period a Dark Age for Women?: “Three and Half Line” Divorce Letters and Asylum Temples for Divorce Seekers
Siti Musdah Mulia
Women, Theology and Violence
Carolyn Israel SOBRITCHEA
American Colonial Education and Its Impact on the Status of Filipino Women
MA Xiaodong
The Last Generation of Traditional Mothers-in-Law?
KIM Hyun Joo
First-born Son and His Wife: Five Patterns of Consolidation and Disengagement of Intergenerational Relationship and Marital Relationship
Alicia Tadeo PINGOL
Remaking Masculinities: Identity, Power, and Gender Dynamics in Families with Migrant Wives and Househusbands
HSIA Hsiao-Chuan
Beyond Victimization: The Empowerment of ‘Foreign Brides’ in Resisting Capitalist Globalization
EHARA Yumiko
Tracing the History of Japanese Women’s Liberation Movement
YANG Hyunah
Gender Equality vs. ‘Tradition’ in Korean Family Law: Toward a Postcolonial Feminist Jurisprudence

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