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Agricultural Factor Markets and India’s Small Farmers

Agricultural Factor Markets and India’s Small Farmers

Edited by:
  • Anup Kumar Das - Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Binoy Goswami - Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Faculty of Economics, South Asian University, New Delhi
  • Madhurjya Prasad Bezbaruah - Professor, Department of Economics, Gauhati University, Assam

July 2022 | 308 pages | SAGE India
Incompleteness and imperfections of the factor markets can inhibit farmers, particularly small farmers, from optimal utilization of resources, which limits the performance of the whole agriculture sector. In small farm agriculture, several important markets handling allocation of vital inputs and services have been emerging. Emerging markets such as the rental markets of farm machinery and equipment have received little attention in literature. 

Agricultural Factor Markets and India’s Small Farmers argues that the market efficacy for such critical services requires close examination. The decline of public sector provided extension service in the post Green Revolution period and the entry of private providers makes this especially important. Further, thinness of markets for farm credit, insurance and marketing services deserves incisive analysis, as small farms are often constrained by insufficiency of access to such services.

The book analyses different factor markets to explore their interconnectedness and presents a comprehensive study on the factor market system.

Binoy Goswami, Anup Kumar Das and Madhurjya Prasad Bezbaruah
Binoy Goswami and Maheshwar Giri
Land Market I: Realities and Suggested Reforms in Rental Arrangement
Madhurjya Prasad Bezbaruah and Faridus Mamun Khan
Land Market II: Outright Sale and Issues of Land Acquisition
Raju Mandal and Anup Kumar Das
Agricultural Labour Markets: Structure and Functioning
Mrinal Kanti Dutta and Jitu Tamuli
Groundwater Markets: Functioning and Issues
Anup Kumar Das
Rental Market of Farm Machineries and Equipment
Maheshwar Giri and Binoy Goswami
Reviving and Remodeling the Agricultural Extension Service
Abhijit Sharma and Prasenjit Bujar Baruah
Agricultural Credit in India: The Dominance of Informal Sources
Sumit Ghosh
Agricultural Risks and Crop Insurance Market in India
Amiya Sarma and Binod Goswami
Challenges of Post-Harvest Management of Farm Output
Madhurjya Prasad Bezbaruah
Picking Up the Threads

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ISBN: 9789354792335