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Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich
Passion, Politics and the Body

February 1998 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Adrienne Rich is one of the foremost women poets and theorists writing in America today. In this accessible introduction to Adrienne RichÆs work, author Liz Yorke reviews the process and development of her ideas through time, ideas that are worked out in and through both her prose and her poetry. As a lesbian poet, Rich has participated in many of the major political debates within second-wave feminism. This book explores the complexity and subtlety of RichÆs contribution to feminism and outlines her ideas on motherhood, heterosexuality, lesbian identity, Jewish identity, and issues of racial and sexual otherness. Liz Yorke conveys the range of RichÆs achievements and highlights the major themes in RichÆs work.

`What I Know, I Know through Making Poems'
Feminist Beginnings in the Early Poetry

Reversing the Going Logic
How Hear the Women `To Her Own Speech'

Embodied Experience
Passion and Politics in Of Woman Born


Lesbian Identity, Compulsory Heterosexuality and `The Common "Woman"'
Back to the Body, Back to Earth
Concrete Experience as `The Core of Revolutionary Process'

Inside and Outside, Centre and Margin, Jew and Gentile
The Contradictory World of Multiple, Threshold Identity


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ISBN: 9780803977273